Are Your Tomato Plants Too Tall?

County fairs consistently award prizes for the biggest pumpkins, the biggest watermelons, the biggest everything, and society at large is obsessed with "biggest is best." But when it comes to tomatoes, the biggest plants are definitely not the best, nor do they provide the most fruit!

Here's a real secret: If you want to harvest pounds and pounds of luscious, ripe, sweet tomatoes from every plant in your garden, you must properly support each plant at all phases of the growing season, and you can't simply let the plant "grow wild"—it has to be "topped" (at about 5 feet tall, max), pruned, and trimmed.

You must train and encourage each plant in this way because a tomato plant simply can't extract enough nutrition from the soil to grow as tall as it possibly can while making the maximum quantity of high-quality fruit. You can help the plant make the most, best fruit, or you can help it grow as tall as it possibly can, but you can't do both.

Our patented EZ Step Plant-Support System—rugged, fully adjustable, and successfully tested against Mother Nature—is uniquely up to the task of maximizing and protecting your tomato harvest.

We recommend using one adjustable EZ Ring every 8 to 10 inches, or as needed, to properly support each plant, installing the highest ring near the top of our EZ Step-in Post, leaving a foot or so of each tomato plant growing above the top ring. Remember to trim!

That's the way to grow tomatoes that will win awards at your local fair—and with your family and friends!

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