Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are EZ Step Products made of?

A: The EZ Step-In Post is made from high-quality half-inch rebar in which a slip-resistant 4- inch wide platform aka anchor has two, one -welds that are attached to the post. The end of the post and anchor have 45 degree cutting edges to easily slice through the terrain. The entirety of it has been given a protective layer of powder coating that's 2 to 3 milliliters thick. The entire height totals to 60 inches with 12-inch anchor -- once installed, the whole system is rock-solid, at 48 inches tall.

The EZ Rings currently come in 8", 10", and 12" diameters with a D-lock design to create a snug fit with the EZ Ring Connectors. EZ Rings and Connectors are made from durable, military grade polymer with UV-stabilizer. 


Q: Are my EZ Step-In Posts safe from wind, rain, and sun?

A: Don't worry. We made sure to keep harsh weather in mind when designing our products. They have been tested to withstand torrential rain, extremely hot summers, and powerful windy conditions season after season.


Q: How do I get a refund? Is there a warranty?

A: All EZ Step Products come with a 90-day, no-questions asked, 100% money-back guarantee. As long as you're using them for their intended purposes, all EZ Step Products have a three-year structural/functional warranty. If our products fail or break within three years of purchase, we will replace them at no additional cost. It's that simple. For more information, please visit our Refund Page by clicking here.


Q: How do I install my EZ Step-In Post with EZ Rings?

A: Installing your post is as easy as positioning its entry-point straight downwards toward your chosen plot of land, and using one foot to "step-in" the post into the terrain using the anchor. The bottom 12 inches of the post go into the ground, along with another 6 inches of the step-in anchor, which keeps the post from tipping over or rotating in the ground.

To attach EZ Rings, slip the arm over the EZ Step-In Post and adjust its height to your liking, secure in place by fastening and turning the connector or nut clockwise.  Next, gently wrap the EZ Ring around the plant, line up the D-shaped prongs with the D-lock holes on the arm and push tightly together for a snug fit.


Q: Are the EZ Rings adjustable?

A: Yes. Our EZ Rings can be adjusted vertically, and rotated around the EZ Step-In Post, 360 degrees.


Q: Does each EZ Step-In Post only work with three rings?

A: Absolutely not! We highly encourage our customers to fasten EZ Rings every 6 – 8”. 


Q: Could I use EZ Rings on posts not from EZ Step Products?

A: You definitely can.  The post must be 3/8” to ¾” inch diameter.  However, we highly recommend using our EZ Step-In Posts in combination with EZ Rings. Our system is designed to work together beautifully to ensure you're getting your money's worth. We cannot guarantee quality if our EZ Rings are used with a 3rd party post.


Q: Does the EZ Step Plant-Support system only support tomato plants?

A: You can use the EZ Step Plant-Support system as you see fit for any of your plants needing vertical support. Whether it be tomato plants, pepper plants, flowers, trees, shrubs, or saplings, our product can support it.


Q: How does EZ Step Products save me time and money?

A: EZ Step Products have a quicker installation time than a conventional store-bought post that often requires additional tools and methods (shovel, hammer, etc.). High-quality rebar and materials that EZ Step Products use are proven to last long which saves money in comparison to materials that break often and need repurchasing.


Q: How do I setup a fence with EZ Step-In Posts?

A: For garden use, we recommend one post every 5 – 6 feet with mesh fencing not exceeding 48” height.  Simply step in EZ Step-In Posts, unroll the mesh fence around the garden.  Use wire or ties to secure the mesh fence to the EZ Step-In Posts.  If the post is slightly out of line, simply remove and step-in the correct location.   


Q: Can I use my EZ Step-In Post with my own components?

A: Yes you can. Our EZ Step-In Posts are half-inch thick and can sport most components that can be easily tightened around a post. For example, electric fence insulators can be easily attached to the EZ Step-In Posts to quickly setup an electric fence around your property.


Q: Do the EZ Step-In Posts work for potted plants too?

A: Yes, with a pot that is a minimum of 13” deep. 


Q: What color Step-In Post should I buy? Do you offer any other colors?

A: We believe you should buy the color you like the most, but if you want some tips, Safety Orange is great for natural environments or if they're placed in areas where they need to be seen easily. It's great for landmarking and fencing. But if you want something that blends in more, Midnight Black is great for that.

We currently do not offer any other colors for our default collection. However, promotional offers may exist in the future that affect the color. So stay tuned!


Q: How do I buy in bulk? Is it cheaper to do so?

A: Please contact us by visiting our bulk purchasing page by clicking here. Pricing scales with purchase quantity, while shipping costs per unit fall sharply with motor and rail freight options.


Q: What's so special about the EZ Step Display System?

A: The EZ Step system is the only support system on the market that allows this level of adjustability on the fly, and the ability to add additional connectors/signs as necessary. You can easily add multiple signs to a single post, or use two posts and multiple connectors to support larger signs.


Q: How do I install a sign with the EZ Step Display System?

A: Place the post in the desired location and hold it vertically as you "step" onto the post's built-in anchor platform. The bottom edges of the post and the welded anchor have sharply cut, 45-degree edges that allow the post to easily penetrate the soil. 

For the fastest possible installation, temporary signs can be attached to our 8" EZ Sign Rings with double-sided adhesives. Each EZ Sign Ring has a pair of D-shaped prongs that are meant to be pushed into the D-shaped sockets of the EZ Ring Connector for a secure attachment.

To accommodate rigid or semi-rigid signs, which are suitable for longer-term deployment, each EZ Ring Connector is also drilled to accept a pair of galvanized mounting screws. Whether attached by double-sided tape or galvanized screws, each EZ Ring connector can be adjusted up or down on the support post, and rotated to any angle.


Q: How can I reach you if I have a question or problem?

A: Our email, phone number, and mailbox are:

PO Box 7494
Rochester, MN 55903


Q: How do I become an affiliate?

A: First and foremost, we highly appreciate your interest in becoming an affiliate and we would love to welcome you aboard! Please visit our Affiliates Page by clicking here.


Q: Where are EZ Step Products made?

A: EZ Step Products are 100% made in the USA.


Q: Can I use my EZ Step Products in the winter?

A: Yes, the EZ Step-In Posts may be used as trail or driveway markers, and to support the snow fence.