About the Founder


Growing up on a Minnesota family farm, EZ Step Products' founder Terry Nelson learned the value of hard work, how to do things right, and the benefits of using quality materials. Over the years, as America became a "throw away" society, the need for a versatile, rugged, and long-lasting plant-support system was clear.

"I didn't want to build yet another low-quality support that was secretly designed to fail at the end of each growing season," Nelson said, "so I set out to design and build a system that would work for almost any grower, and would last for years."

After nearly a decade of testing, building, and destroying a variety of designs—including a quest to find the right high-grade steel and UV-stabilized polypropylene—he did just that.

In 2019, the US Patent and Trademark Office, agreeing that Terry's EZ Step-In Post design was unique in the marketplace, granted the multipurpose support post US Patent 10,329,793 B2. His EZ Rings, an integral part of the overall system, are patent-pending.

The EZ Step Plant-Support System is "farm grade" through and through, but even if you're only using it in your back yard, you can undoubtedly appreciate real quality and proven versatility—especially these days.

When we say that you can't find a system like this anywhere else, we have the patents to prove it!