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Want to learn how to use the EZ Step Products Plant support system?

EZ Step Tree Support Systems

Starting at: $79.99

Each kit includes: 3 EZ Step-In posts, 3 rings, 3 arms, & 3 nuts.

Features & Benefits of the EZ Step Tree Support System

  • Long lasting durable polymer material embedded with fibers.
  • Fully adjustable up or down to accommodate the tree needs for proper support
  • 100% Eco-friendly, reusable and recyclable
  • Compact for storage
  • Our product is an investment not another throw away
  • Only support system that comes with a 10 Year Warranty
  • Structural Lifetime Warranty (Posts Only)
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We designed a tree support system like no other!

Consumers invest time and hard earned money planting trees that need to be around for many years. So, why would you use a barbaric method to support it. Using a T-Post, rope, twine or electric fencing wire will only harm the tree, specially in changing weather conditions like the wind. That is why the EZ Step Tree support system was designed to work with the tree not harming or damage the tree.

How it works:

The patent EZ Step-In Post and patent pending EZ Rings is a one of a kind system, easy to install and built to last for years! The system is designed to work together giving the tree enough movement in the wind and changing weather conditions but not harming the tree or allowing the tree to fall over. When you allow the tree to move in the wind this will build strength in the root system.

The EZ Step-In Post made of 1/2 inch in diameter rebar is flexible but extremely durable and will flex enough in the wind giving it what the tree needs and not damage the outer layer of the sapling. (Designed like a skyscraper) The EZ Rings are like the EZ Step-In Post, extremely durable but flexible enough to allow the tree movement and not straining or constrict the tree.

When you combine the EZ Rings with the EZ Step-In Post its like a 24/7 Bodyguard for your tree 365 days of the Year.


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