• Farm Show Magazine "Best Buy!"

    With articles being written by a number of different Magazines. The proof is out that this is the Best plant support in the market because it does ...
  • GRIT Magazine

    We take Pride in the Best multi-use, multi-function and compact plant support that will adapt to your plants from tomatoes to flowering plants at a...
  • Mother Earth News Magazine

    The EZ Step Products compact tomato cage is in Mother Earth News General Store where you can find the BEST tomato cage. The Universal, Multi-Plant ...
  • Self-Sufficiency in These Troubled Times

    In troubled times, finding critical products that can be relied on to perform year after year, without fail and without worry, is more important than ever before. If there was a better plant-support system on the market today, we'd sell it ourselves. But after years of being frustrated by inferior products, we built the EZ Step System so our families could rely on it, in good times and bad. And now yours can, too.
  • The EZ Step Plant-Support System is No 'Fair Weather' Friend!

    Nothing can keep your plants upright during hurricanes and tornadoes, but our customers tell us that they're thrilled when their plants—at least the ones protected by the EZ Step System—survive 50-60 MPH winds and torrential rain. We bet you'll be thrilled, too!
  • EZ Step Products Supports Plants—and American Workers!

    EZ Step Products is an American company. We support American growers by building the highest-quality plant-support products available anywhere. Further, our products are all made in the USA by smaller, regional manufacturers, and not global conglomerates. Our manufacturing partners are all staffed by American workers—our friends and neighbors, and probably yours, too. We all succeed together in this venture, and all profits stay at home.