EZ Step Products | Who We Are

EZ Step Products is a small company that makes high quality products that you will be able to use for many years.

We strive to build the best multi-functional plant support system on the market, and back it with a Lifetime  Warranty. And if you have a problem with our products, we’ll resolve that problem without giving you the runaround.

What We Stand For

We are an American company that believes in integrity, ethics, and providing jobs for Americans. When you purchase our products, you help American families have a steady income and grow our economy. We strive to design and build long lasting high quality products.

EZ Step Products is deeply devoted to God, liberty and freedom defending traditional values, patriotism and our constitutional freedoms.

Buy American

When we have raw materials here in the USA, why not manufacture products here? We also see the value in making products that are environmentally friendly. My grandfather used to say, “They don’t build things like they use to.” Well, that always stuck with me, and that is something my company brings back. Toward that end, we will be introducing other American-made products on our website to provide a marketplace for companies that share our conservative values. If you have a product that is 100% USA-made, please reach out to us.

Growing up on a Minnesota family farm, EZ Step Products’ founder Terry Nelson learned the value of hard work, how to do things right, and the benefits of using quality materials. Over the years, as America became a “throw away” society, the need for a versatile, rugged, and long-lasting plant-support system was clear. “I didn’t want to build yet another low-quality support that was secretly designed to fail at the end of each growing season,” Nelson said, “so I set out to design and build a system that would work for almost any grower, and would last for years.” After testing, building, and destroying a variety of designs— we finally found the right formula, using American made steel for our post and reinforced high grade polymer with UV-stabilizer for the EZ Rings. In 2019, the US Patent and Trademark Office, agreeing that Terry’s EZ Step-In Post design was unique in the marketplace, granted the multipurpose support post US Patent 10,329,793 B2. His EZ Rings, an integral part of the overall system, are patent-pending. The EZ Step Plant-Support System is “farm grade” through and through, but even if you’re only using it in your back yard, you can undoubtedly appreciate real quality and proven versatility—especially these days. When we say that you can’t find a system like this anywhere else, we have the patents to prove it!

For Farmers & Ranchers

For Farmers & Ranchers

When it comes to building a fence for rotating pastures, there are five key features in our design. We know what it is like growing up on the farm where time and efficiency is priceless!

Built for the Garden

Built for the Garden

Never buy another tomato cage! They don’t last more than a few years and don’t even come with a warranty. The EZ Step Products is an asset and built to last. Comes with a Lifetime Warranty.