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The gardener special for plants provides growers everything they need to confidently support their plants better.

Homesteader Special

The homesteader special for gardening is the premium solution for serious gardeners and homesteaders with larger gardens.

EZ Trellis System

The EZ Trellis System for cucumbers, pickles, peas, and beans creates vertical growth taking up 95% less garden space, eliminating mold, fungus, and promoting higher yields

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EZ Trellis is Great for Cucumbers, Pickles, Peas, & Beans

“This innovative trellising system vertically supports plants such as cucumbers, beans, peas, and peppers as they grow, offering numerous benefits over traditional ground-based cultivation. By training the vines to grow vertically, gardeners can maximize space, improve air circulation, facilitate easier harvesting, and enhance overall plant health. For both home gardeners and commercial growers this trellis system is a potential game changer, harnessing vertical space and providing enhanced support for climbing vines. With various trellis configurations to choose from, growers can select the option that best suits their available space, budget, and aesthetic preferences while confidently supporting their plants better.

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Plant Support System

All plants need support in order to produce the most fruits and vegetables they can! When using the EZ Step-In Post, put the anchor (or foot platform) facing the plant to receive the maximum growth. As the plant grows, it is producing heavy fruits that pull the plant downward. First, plant your tomato, pepper, raspberry or any type of plant that needs proper support.

Then, install the EZ Step-In Post in order to not disrupt the strength of the root system. When you give it the support it needs, the plant redirects the energy into growth and production versus having to try and keep itself upright! Plant support systems also help eliminate mold and fungus.

Perfect Tomatoes

Supporting Tomato Plants

For the tomato plant, we suggest attaching any of the 3 size rings (8″, 10″, or 12″) depending on the diameter of the plant. This allows our growers to customize the system. We suggest attaching a support ring every 6-10 inches as the plant grows upright. Because our EZ rings rotate around the post, this captures the vines in whatever direction they may grow.

This also helps with adequate air flow for the plant to keep mold and fungus away. Furthermore, the rings help keep the fruit out of reach of pests.

gardener special plant support rings

EZ Plant Support Rings

Providing superior plant support, the EZ rings can be custom placed to ensure support for any plant in the garden. The EZ rings come in 8″, 10″, or 12″ diameter to accommodate a variety of plants and will attach to ANY 3/8″ to 3/4″ post. Unlike plant cages, our rings are adjustable, compact, and reusable with a Lifetime Warranty. The EZ ring is height adjustable and can rotate 360 degrees around the post to ensure proper plant support at any stage of growth.

Our EZ design makes it simple to place additional rings on the post as the plant grows without causing any damage to the plant. The rings can also be turned upside down for heavier support. The wider radius of our rings provide the plant significantly more stability and flexibility during high winds or storms compared to regular wire cages.

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