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Rugged and Adjustable—the EZ Step System is Every Growers Dream!

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This photo details an EZ Step Products' EZ Ring, a part of the company's patented plant-support system
This photo provides technical details of an EZ Step Prodycts' Combo Pack, complete with an EZ Step-In Post and three EZ Rings.

Use the Complete System or Use Only the Parts You Need

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The EZ Step-In Post is Ridiculously Overbuilt—By Design!

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this photo provides technical details of an EZ Step-In Post, which is Ridiculousy overbuilt by design.
This photo provides technical details of the anchor portion of an EZ Step-In Post, which is Solidly Anchored and Won't Tip Over

Your EZ Step-In Post is Solidly Anchored and Won't Tip Over

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EZ Rings: Versatile and Fully Adjustable on Your Posts or Ours

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Like a Zen Master for Greenery, EZ Rings Keep Your Plants Centered

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I would like to say thank you to EZ Step Products. The posts and rings are great for my tomato and pepper plants. I have used many different supports over the years and always had the same results—bent over tomato cages! I grow 24 tomato plants and 15 pepper plants per year, and it's so helpful that I can add and reposition support rings as my plants grow. It's easy to add rings around the stems without wrecking any branches. The rings open up and go right around the stems. It's the only product that supports my plants without damage and never tips over in windy, rainy weather. The EZ Step components are sturdy and I expect them to last a long time. This is the only system I recommend to family and friends—no more bent and busted plant cages for me!

M. Allen

I raise beef cattle and rotate my pastures often, so I especially like the EZ Step-In Post because it is really built to last. My foot rests comfortably on the heavy-duty platform when I plant the post in the pasture, and the two 45-degree cutting edges easily penetrate the ground. Once it's installed the unique anchor design keeps the post from tipping over or rotating. The powder-coated orange post stands out in the tall grass so I can easily see it. The system does exactly what it’s designed to do. I have been using the same posts over and over for three years. It’s well worth the money!

D. Kramer

I have been a gardener since I was a kid. My mother had me helping her there since the time I could walk. Over the years I have seen every imaginable lean-to, cage, and stake system. They're all permanent once you put them in for the season, and then you still have to toy with the plants and supports to keep everything off the ground and growing upright. Most of these contraptions—pretty much all of them—failed and were never used again. Then I found EZ Step Products! The posts are so easy to step into the ground and they can be used throughout the entire growing season. It takes only minutes to secure my entire garden, and there's no more breakage from trying to push and pull delicate plants through the openings in old-fashioned cages. Vegetables are kept off the ground and my hydrangeas stay strong in wind and rain without blowing over. The EZ Rings even keep the heaviest flowers from drooping. I can’t wait to get additional EZ Step Products next year so I can support everything in my gardens. Removing the posts and rings at the end of the growing season is a breeze, and after a simple wipe the parts look like new. You won’t be disappointed. Give them a try!

R. Petersen

EZ Step's Founder Patents Better Plant Support System

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An illustration that shows the technical details of US Patent 10,329,793 B2, the EZ Step-In Post.
A photo of cows grazing in a sunlit field adjacent to a straight section of barbed wire fencing.

The Versatile EZ Step-In Post Supports More Than Just Plants

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We Want Your Feedback. Tell Us What You Like, Don't Like, and What You Want

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An illustration inviting customers to contact EZ Step Products with questions, concerns and feedback.
A row of parked semi tractors, symbolizing wholesale purchases.

Wholesale Orders, Group Buys, and Affiliate Sales are Welcome

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The EZ Step System is a Step Toward Self-Sufficiency in These Troubled Times

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Red barn in Iowa with American flag, symbolizing "made in the USA."

EZ Step Products are 100% Made in the USA

"Made in the USA" isn't just a slogan for EZ Step Products—it's a core value that benefits our customers, our company, and our country...

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A parched field adjacent to a lush field, symbolizing the effects of climate change on family gardening.

EZ Step Products—Powerful Protection Against Climate Change and Out-of-Control Weather

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