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Want to learn how to use the EZ Step Products Plant support system?

EZ Trellis System

Starting at: $49.95

$25.65 Off

Choose the EZ Trellis kit that’s right for your garden. Each kit links together to make a continuous system!
  • Support rings are designed to be like shock absorbers for the plant in windy conditions
  • Each kit comes complete in 3 foot, 6 foot, or 9 foot lengths and includes 80″ EZ Step-In Posts.
  • 3 foot extension kits are available to add additional length.

3 Foot long EZ Trellis Kit

  • Two 80″ EZ Step-In Posts
  • 20 Rod Clamps, 20 Locking Nuts, 20 Trellis Clips, and 10 Trellis Rods
  •  Regular price $97.80 on Sale for $89.95 (Save $7.85)
6 Foot long EZ Trellis Kit
  • Three 80″ EZ Step-In Posts
  • 30 Rod Clamps, 30 Locking Nuts, 30 Trellis Clips, and 20 Trellis Rods
  • Regular price $151.70 on Sale for $134.95 (Save $16.75)
9 Foot long EZ Trellis Kit
  • Four 80″ EZ Step-In Posts
  • 40 Rod Clamps, 40 Locking Nuts, 40 Trellis Clips, and 30 Trellis Rods
  • Regular price $205.60 on Sale for $179.95 (Save $25.65)
36″ Extension Kit 
Purchase to extend your EZ Trellis System
  • One 80″ EZ Step-In Post
  • 10 Rod Clamps, 10 Locking Nuts, 10 Trellis Clips, 10 Trellis Rods
  •  Regular price $53.90 on Sale for $49.95 (Save $3.95)
The EZ Trellis allows growing vertically for your Cucumbers, Beans, Peas, & Pickles.

• Takes up 95% less garden space by growing vertically, giving you more growing room.
• Able to add 3 ft extensions at anytime to length your EZ Trellis
• Fast and Easy Set-Up
• Better Air-flow
• Reduce rot and insect damage by 98-99%
• Ease of Harvest
• Compact for storage
• Lifetime Warranty

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This innovative trellising system supports plants vertically such as cucumbers, beans, peas, and pickles as they grow, offering numerous benefits over traditional ground-based cultivation. We designed and tested the trellis system for 2 years before rolling it out into the market. Now we are ready to share the EZ Trellis System to every backyard gardener. It’s designed to be Fast, Simple and Easy to put together and do what it was designed to do. Keeping 98% of your fruits and vegetables off the ground.

By training the vines to grow vertically, gardeners can free up 95% more garden space, improve air circulation, facilitate easier harvesting, enhance overall plant health, compact for storage and, comes with a Lifetime Warranty. For both home gardeners and commercial growers this trellis system is a game changer, harnessing vertical space and providing enhanced support for climbing vines. With various trellis configurations to choose from, growers can select the option that best suits their available space, budget, and aesthetic preferences while confidently supporting their plants. (3 Color options available)

• Support rings are designed to be like shock absorbers for the plant in windy conditions

Additional information

Weight 5.5 lbs

3 foot trellis kit, 6 foot trellis kit, 9 foot trellis kit, 36 inch extension kit


Midnight Black, Sunset Orange, Alpine Green


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