EZ Step Products is an American company. We support American growers by building the highest-quality plant-support products available anywhere. Further, our products are all made in the USA by smaller, regional manufacturers, and not global conglomerates. Our manufacturing partners are all staffed by American workers—our friends and neighbors, and probably yours, too. We all succeed together in this venture, and all profits stay at home.

It’s not that we’re opposed in any way to global sales and supporting growers from around the world. But when EZ Step Products becomes large enough to require overseas manufacturing and distribution, we will never outsource our USA products. Doing so might even save you, our valued customers, some money in the short term, but it will never happen! This is a core value that simply won’t change.

If we need to supply products to overseas markets and can’t do so economically from the USA, we could conceivably set up field offices elsewhere. To support German growers, for example, we might set up EZ Step Producte¸ GmbH. In Brazil, our subsidiary might be known as Produtos Easy Step, Ltda. But still—no outsourcing goods and materials for USA markets.

There was a time when American companies built not only products—they also built communities! They valued their employees and invested in them. They built a strong and vibrant middle class. And they built economies in which rising tides lifted all boats.

Most modern companies, however, build “shareholder value,” and little else. This is a tragedy of modern business and, although we’re starting small, EZ Step Products is committed to being an Old School company.

We thought you should know.

For Farmers & Ranchers

For Farmers & Ranchers

When it comes to building a fence for rotating pastures, there are five key features in my design. I know what it is like growing up on the farm, and the demand for getting things done quickly and efficiently. Time is money!

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Built for the Garden

Built for the Garden

Never buy another tomato cage! They don’t last more than a few years and don’t even come with a warranty. The EZ Step Products is an asset and built to last. Comes with a 10-year warranty

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