How to use the EZ Step-In Post:

When installing the EZ Step-In Post you always want the anchor (or the foot platform) facing the plant to receive the maximum results for the plants. First, plant your tomato, pepper, raspberries or any type of plant that needs support first. Then install the EZ Step-In Post 2-3 inches away from the plant (anchor facing plant) add your 8″ ring first to the plant then Raise the support ring up snug to the bottom of the plant and tighten the locking nut securing it to the post.

The anchor was engineered for adding another point of contact to keep the plant from tipping over as it is growing upright.

How to support:

Raspberry, peppers, tomatoe plants.

When growing all types of plants one thing they all have in common is to give the plant the support it needs to produce more fruits and vegetables. Why this is important, as the plant grows it is producing heavy fruits that pull the plant downward. When you give it the support it needs it’s going to redirect the energy back into the plant and produce more fruits versus having to try and keep itself upright and produce fruits.

Always face the post in the same direction as the EZ rings.

Helpful hint:

After the plant has reached about 18-24 inches high, place the 8″ EZ Ring first to the plant. After attaching the EZ Ring you want to locate the main stock. Then prune any stocks or shoots off around the main stock, roughly about 10-12 inches up on the main stock. By doing this it will allow adequate air flow keeping mold and fungus at bay.

When pruning this will allow the main stock to receive all the nutritionists to the main stock and produce endless amounts of healthy, organic fruits.

Supporting the Tomato plant:

For the tomato plant we suggest attaching any of the 3 size rings 8″, 10″, or 12″ rings to the plant every 6-10 inches as the plant continues to grow upright. I like to place the support rings underneath the blooms before the plants start producing tomatoes. Also you can rotate the rings on the post to capture the vines in multiple directions to support the entire plant without stuffing them in one EZ Ring, this will help with adequate air flow for the plant and keep mold and fungus away. More support the plant receives the more fruits it will produce.

Supporting Pepper Plants & Raspberry Plants:

Pepper plants and raspberry plants we suggest adding an EZ Ring every 12 inches to the plant or as needed depending how the plant is growing/ producing.

Recommend using 10″ or 12″ inch rings.

Built in features of the EZ Rings.

  1. Add additional rings at any time without damaging the plant.
  2. Adjustable up or down
  3. Rotate 360 degrees to accommodate the plant’s needs
  4. Rings can be turned upside down and attached to the rod clamp for heavier support.
  5. Easy to clean and disinfect from mold & fungus
  6. Compact for storage
  7. Rings were designed to have a bigger radius for the plant to rest on versus the wire cages that will cause damage in high wind and rain storms
  8. If the rings sage simply rotate them every other year and the rings will go back to the same shape they were molded. (Polymer has a great memory to go back to the same shape as it was molded as.)

The More support the plant receives, the more fruits the plant will produce and the healthier the plant becomes.

How the Tree support works:

After planting the tree, put the three posts with the anchor facing towards the tree in a triangle formation. This will help give the post a spring like effect and allow the tree to have movement with the rings that flex when the wind is blowing. This will not only protect the tree from falling over but it will help strengthen the root system from attracting disease.

  1. Take the 8″ rings and place them around the tree. (photo)
  2. Next attach the rod clamp to the ring and do not attach it to the post. (photo)
  3. Take your post and align the outside of the rod clamp on the outside of the post giving you the correct distance where you will install the post.
  4. Keep the ring about a quarter inch away from the tree.
  5. Place the post in the ground anchor facing the tree.
  6. Slide the rod clamp without the ring on it, down the post about 6-8 inches.
  7. Take the locking nut with the notches facing out and tighten to the post making it secure.
  8. The tree will be protected and also have great curb appeal.

EZ Rings – Lifetime Warranty from breakage.
EZ Step-In Post – Lifetime on structural.
EZ Step-In Posts come in Midnight Black, Alpine Green or Safety Orange.

For Farmers & Ranchers

For Farmers & Ranchers

When it comes to building a fence for rotating pastures, there are five key features in our design. We know what it is like growing up on the farm where time and efficiency is priceless!

Built for the Garden

Built for the Garden

Never buy another tomato cage! They don’t last more than a few years and don’t even come with a warranty. The EZ Step Products is an asset and built to last. Comes with a Lifetime Warranty.