From accelerated climate change to the COVID-19 global pandemic, we’re experiencing tremendous change in society and in our day-to-day activities. Until recently, most of us had never thought twice about stopping by the local grocery store to pick up fresh produce, fruits, and vegetables. We took that opportunity for granted—and why wouldn’t we?—because for even the oldest seniors among us, a trip to the grocery store was a given. In early 2020, that changed, perhaps forever.

The ability to buy food and household items, get needed medical care, go to school or work, etc, have all been disrupted. These activities are now difficult to impossible, and many are potentially life-threatening. Because of these factors, and others, many people are looking for alternative ways to protect and provide for themselves and their families.

Home gardens, mostly a hobby pursuit for decades, are once again becoming commonplace and even necessary. And although there are new seed varieties and newfangled ways of growing certain plants/crops, the need to protect our gardens from wind, rain, and animals, is unchanged. (Well, with climate change, it’s probably gotten worse!)

For example, losing tomato plants to a fierce thunderstorm is one thing for hobby growers, but it could be something else entirely for families that have begun to rely on vegetables and other necessities that are now being grown in the back yard.

Short of building an expensive glass greenhouse, the EZ Step Plant Support System—successfully tested against wind, rain, and Mother Nature herself—will keep your veggies in the pantry and not on the ground!

And if your garden needs protection from deer, rabbits and other critters as ours do here in Minnesota, our EZ Step-In Posts—the same posts used in our Plant-Support System—are perfect for creating quick, strong, reconfigurable, temporary fencing. What used to take hours with T-posts and post pounders takes minutes with the patented EZ Step System.

As your garden grows in size, so does its protective fencing. At the end of the season the posts are stored in the garden shed alongside those used to protect your plants. Next season, setting up plant supports and protective fencing is just as quick and easy.

In troubled times, finding critical products that can be relied on to perform year after year, without fail and without worry, is more important than ever before. If there was a better plant-support system on the market today, we’d sell it ourselves. But after years of being frustrated by inferior products, we built the EZ Step System so our families could rely on it, in good times and bad. And now yours can, too.

And if there’s a silver lining in our present-day challenges, it may very well be the opportunity to move away from pesticide-laden, low-quality, GMO supermarket vegetables and move toward growing our own healthier, organic varieties.

It sometimes takes a catastrophe to effect real change for the better.

For Farmers & Ranchers

For Farmers & Ranchers

When it comes to building a fence for rotating pastures, there are five key features in our design. We know what it is like growing up on the farm where time and efficiency is priceless!

Built for the Garden

Built for the Garden

Never buy another tomato cage! They don’t last more than a few years and don’t even come with a warranty. The EZ Step Products is an asset and built to last. Comes with a Lifetime Warranty.