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Want to learn how to use the EZ Step Products Plant support system?

Freedom Combo Pack | Perfect for 2 Plants

Starting at: $79.99

Each Freedom Combo Pack includes: 6 EZ Rings – (2-8”, 2-10”, 2-12”) & 2 Heavy Duty 1/2″ diameter, 60″ tall rebar EZ Step-In Posts

Features of the Freedom Combo Pack

  • Keep your pepper, tomato and raspberry plants upright and supported all season
  • Large opening for easy access to fruits
  • Add additional support rings without any damage to plant
  • Fully customizable & adjustable
  • Made in the USA and backed with a 10-year warranty
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Gardening season is right around the corner. Get started today for less hassle and a larger harvest!

The Freedom Combo Pack is a Ruggedly Overbuilt by Design plant support system designed for a lifetime of use and is the perfect kit for two plants. The system gently holds and supports any type plant and is adjustable to custom fit your plants as their growth cycle continues throughout the season. Keeping your plants supported and off the ground provides needed air circulation, fewer diseases and an overall cleaner, larger harvest. Enjoy easy access to your fruit for harvesting.

How EZ Rings Work

We saw a need for garden lovers to be able to support their plant for the entire growth season, so we developed a fully functional, compact, quick and easy way to support your plants that is long lasting using high quality and environmentally friendly materials. This is essentially a customizable tomato cage that gives you the ability add additional support rings to as the plant growth cycle continues. All without harming the plant.

We set out to engineer our rings to be customizable for every plant, to place the rings where the plant needs it the most. In order for you to maximize every plant’s growth and yield, you need to keep weight off of the stock so it’s allowed to keep growing upright.

The EZ Rings have no height limit. You can add them as high as the plant grows giving it the support it needs for the entire gardening season.

Customize your plants with the EZ Rings:

  • Eight inch rings are designed to be attached around the plant where your fruits grow closest to the stock of the plant.
  • Ten inch rings are designed to be attached midway off the stock of the plant for those fruits needing support.
  • Twelve inch ring is designed to be attached the furthest out from the stock of the plant supporting those fruits in need.

Other Features & Benefits

  • Perfect for 2 plants. This will grow plants up to 3.5 ft tall successfully.
  • Keep your pepper, tomato and raspberry plants upright and supported all season for a 15%-20% larger harvest
  • Also great for flowering plants: yarrow, sages, amaranth, peonies, rose bushes, castor bean to name a few
  • Fully customizable & adjustable up or down and able to rotate 360 degrees to accommodate the plant’s needs for best results
  • Easy to breakdown and only requires a 12” X 12” space for compact storage
  • Shipping Weight Approx. 10 lbs


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